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What our customers say ....

Anne Clarke, Cape Town

"The Fusion Recovery Bed helped tremendously with my recovery after very painful spinal fusion surgery. The bed was in my sun lounge and I spent most of my days and early evenings in the bed. I was comfortable and able to continue working on my laptop, socialising with my family and friends and, most importantly, recovering in a comfortable position without any bending or sitting. I hired the bed for 8 weeks and am now well on my way to recovery. I would certainly recommend this amazing bed to all post-op spinal patients."

Joseph du Preez, Durban

"I was dreading the 6 weeks post-spinal op period as I imagined spending my days in my bedroom or standing up against the kitchen counter eating and chatting to friends. The Fusion Recovery Bed changed everything - I placed the bed in my open plan kitchen dining area and spent every day for 6 weeks in the bed (sometimes I even slept the night in the recovery bed as it was so comfortable!). The quiet and easy to use electric switch made it very easy to elevate the bed to any position and I can't imagine recovering without it. Thank you Fusion for this wonderful invention."

Daphne Smith, Hout Bay

"Life after a back op is challenging - the Doctor doesn't want you to sit or bend for weeks and weeks. This is difficult when trying to recuperate and carry on with your usual lifestyle. Try getting into bed without bending! Friends told me about the Fusion Recovery Bed and WOW - it made such a difference. I hired it for 6 weeks and was able to live again! Comfort, ease of use, social recovery and more … I would highly recommend the bed to anyone who has spinal injuries."

Deon Brown, Johannesburg

"My Doctor told me no sitting or bending for 6 to 8 weeks whilst recovering from a laminectomy - fortunately he told me about the Fusion Recovery Bed. I hired the bed for over 6 weeks and asked to keep it longer as it made such a difference to my recovery. I was able to spend my days working on my laptop, communicating with clients via telephone and even meeting them in my home whilst I still lay in a comfortable position in the bed in my home office. It changed my recovery life and I am so grateful for the bed."