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Fusion Recovery Beds

Fusion Recovery Beds are designed to help in your recovery after major spinal surgery, including spinal fusions and laminectomies.

The bed operates by smoothly and effortlessly rotating you from a standing to a lying position. The patient stands upright on the bed foot plate, preventing any bending, and using a hand-held control the patient can adjust the angle of the bed, ensuring a comfortable position. The bed is electrically powered (15 amp) with a battery backup.

Recuperate in your lounge or recreation area – the Fusion Recovery Bed allows you to socialize, work, eat, sleep and relax in your home and is available for hire in Kzn and Guateng.

Socialise your way to better health

Spinal Surgery Patients

Following major spinal surgery, patients are usually advised not to sit or bend for more than 15 minutes a day for 6 weeks.

To prevent the frustrations of standing all day or lying in your bed, Fusion Recovery Beds offers you a bed for hire.

The benefits are:

Service and Cost

Spinal Surgery Patients:
Recommended rental for 6 weeks as recommended by your Medical Practitioner, or longer if requested. The hire cost is from R114 per day plus a delivery / collection charge.

Fusion Recovery Beds are delivered by trained and friendly staff that will setup the bed and show you how to use the bed in the comfort of your own home.